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What Are Experts Saying About the Spring Housing Market?

March 28, 2024 by First Federal Bank

If you’re planning to move soon, you might be wondering if there'll be more homes to choose from, where prices and mortgage rates are headed, and how to navigate today’s market. If so, here's what the professionals are saying about what’s in store for this season.

Topics: Mortgages / Home Equity

A Way to Save for Your Next Vacation You May Not Have Considered

March 27, 2024 by First Federal Bank

Summer will be here before you know it. And with Spring Break in the rearview mirror, you may be looking for your next travel options. Whether you have a summer trip booked already, or are in the planning stages, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have the funds to pay for it.

Topics: Financial Education, Lifestyle

What Every Homebuyer Should Know About Closing Costs

March 26, 2024 by First Federal Bank

Before making the decision to buy a home, it's important to plan for all the costs you’ll be responsible for. While you're busy saving for the down payment, don't forget you’ll want to prep for closing costs too.

Here’s some helpful information on what those costs are and how much you should budget for them.

Topics: Mortgages / Home Equity

Can Cognitive Therapy Solve Sleep Issues?

March 25, 2024 by First Federal Bank
Are you among the millions of people who struggle to get adequate and restful sleep each night? Medication is often presented as a solution for sleep issues, but it’s not the only one. Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, also known as CBT-i, can help as well. Here’s a closer look at CBT-i and how it works to promote...

Topics: Lifestyle

Do You Need to Buy a Camper or RV?

March 22, 2024 by First Federal Bank
If you love to travel, you’ve probably entertained the idea of purchasing your very own camper or RV. However, these mobile living spaces each come with unique benefits and drawbacks. Here’s a look at what each brings to the table — along with a few factors to consider before you buy an RV or camper:   Deciding if an RV or camper fits...

Topics: Lifestyle

The Ins and Outs of Itemizing Your Deductions

March 20, 2024 by First Federal Bank

When filing your income taxes, you have the option to take the standard deduction or to itemize your deductions. Itemizing allows you to claim specific expenses individually, potentially leading to a higher tax refund or lower tax liability. So while itemizing can be more time-consuming than taking the standard deduction, it can be financially...

Topics: Financial Education

Unique Options for Your Next Board Game Night

March 18, 2024 by First Federal Bank

If you’re trying to spice things up for your next board game night, consider any of these unique options;

Topics: Lifestyle

How to Become a Certified Woman-Owned Business

March 15, 2024 by First Federal Bank

When your company is a Certified Woman-Owned Business, you’ll have access to contracts and resources that can help your enterprise thrive. Here’s a guide to understanding the steps you need to take to help your business gain this valued certification:Certification criteriaTo be considered a Certified Woman-Owned Business, your company needs to...

Topics: Small Business

Life Insurance Explained: Difference Between Cash Value vs. Death Benefit

March 13, 2024 by First Federal Bank

A life insurance policy is critical for protecting your loved ones after your death, but you can also leverage it while you’re alive. That’s because policies offer two distinct benefits: cash value and death benefit. Understanding the differences between the two can help you pick the best policy and take better advantage of it.What is cash value?

Topics: Financial Education

Recurring Vehicle Service Needs You Should Never Skip

March 11, 2024 by First Federal Bank

Your vehicle runs at its best when you take care of it. When you follow the recommended maintenance schedule outlined in your owner’s manual, you’re optimizing the quality of your vehicle’s performance and contributing to its longevity. If you want to make the most of your ride for as long as possible, incorporate the these service needs into your...

Topics: Lifestyle

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