Worried About Home Maintenance Costs? Consider This

May 24, 2024 by First Federal Bank

If one of the main reasons you’re hesitant to buy a home is because you’re worried about the upkeep, here’s some information you may find interesting on both new home construction and existing homes (a home that’s been lived in by a previous owner).

Topics: Mortgages / Home Equity

Tips for Younger Homebuyers: How To Make Your Dream a Reality

May 17, 2024 by First Federal Bank

If you’re a member of a younger generation, like Gen Z, you may be asking the question: will I ever be able to buy a home? And chances are, you’re worried that’s not going to be in the cards with inflation, rising home prices, mortgage rates, and more seemingly stacked against you.

Topics: Mortgages / Home Equity

The Perks of Buying Over Renting

May 10, 2024 by First Federal Bank

Thinking about buying a home? While today’s mortgage rates might seem a bit intimidating, here are two solid reasons why, if you’re ready and able, it could still be a smart move to get your own place.

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Ready to Make Your Move?

May 03, 2024 by First Federal Bank

Are you considering purchasing or refinancing a home? If so, you're in luck! We offer a convenient and seamless process for those who are looking to make a big move into homeownership, or save money by refinancing their current mortgage.

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Don’t Let Your Student Loans Delay Your Homeownership Plans

April 26, 2024 by First Federal Bank

If you have student loans and want to buy a home, you might have questions about how your debt affects your plans. Do you have to wait until you’ve paid off those loans before you can buy your first home? Or is it possible you could still qualify for a home loan even with that debt? Here’s a look at the latest information so you have the answers...

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Navigating the Mortgage Loan Process: Do's and Don'ts

April 19, 2024 by First Federal Bank

Obtaining a new mortgage loan can be an exciting yet overwhelming process. With so many options available, it's important to make informed decisions to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. At First Federal Bank, we want to help you navigate the mortgage loan process with ease. Here are some do's and don'ts to keep in mind when applying...

Topics: Mortgages / Home Equity

The Truth About Down Payments

April 12, 2024 by First Federal Bank

If you’re planning to buy your first home, saving up for all the costs involved can feel daunting, especially when it comes to the down payment. That might be because you’ve heard you need to save 20% of the home’s price to put down. Well, that isn’t necessarily the case.

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What is PMI?

April 05, 2024 by First Federal Bank

For homeowners who put less than 20% down, Private Mortgage Insurance or PMI is an added insurance policy for homeowners that protects the lender if you are unable to pay your mortgage.

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What Are Experts Saying About the Spring Housing Market?

March 28, 2024 by First Federal Bank

If you’re planning to move soon, you might be wondering if there'll be more homes to choose from, where prices and mortgage rates are headed, and how to navigate today’s market. If so, here's what the professionals are saying about what’s in store for this season.

Topics: Mortgages / Home Equity

What Every Homebuyer Should Know About Closing Costs

March 26, 2024 by First Federal Bank

Before making the decision to buy a home, it's important to plan for all the costs you’ll be responsible for. While you're busy saving for the down payment, don't forget you’ll want to prep for closing costs too.

Here’s some helpful information on what those costs are and how much you should budget for them.

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