First Federal Bank Introduces New Down Payment Assistance & Mortgage Product to Provide Homebuyers with Affordable Financing

February 23, 2024 by First Federal Bank

The Down Payment Assistance is a second mortgage subsidy to assist borrowers who may be struggling with down payment obligations. The subsidy offers up to $7,500 to cover 100% of down payment and closing costs. Furthermore, eligible active duty and retired military personnel, reserves, law enforcement officers, corrections officers, and educators...

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Ways You Can Diversify Your Portfolio

February 21, 2024 by First Federal Bank

All investing exposes you to a certain level of risk. Committing all your money to a narrow range of stocks, bonds, or other assets is especially perilous, exposing your portfolio to the market’s volatility and making it less resilient — and potentially hampering growth as well. However, diversification is a good way to keep one poor-performing...

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Fuel-Efficient Models that Aren't Hybrids

February 19, 2024 by First Federal Bank

The automotive industry is going the way of electrification. But for a variety of reasons, not everyone is quite ready to venture into the world of EVs, PHEVs, FCVs, or even simple hybrids. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t care about fuel economy. Fortunately, there are a number of traditional combustion-only cars you can buy that get plenty...

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Improved Energy Efficiency to Save Money

February 16, 2024 by First Federal Bank

When it comes to saving money, improving your home’s energy efficiency can be a great way to rack up savings with minimal effort and plenty of benefits. Many energy-saving tips also cut your carbon footprint while also improving the comfort and value of your home. Here’s a look at a few strategies to help you save:Heat pumpsWhen you’re dealing...

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The Questions our Should Ask the Dealer When Car Shopping

February 14, 2024 by First Federal Bank

Shopping for a car at a dealership can be an overwhelming experience. Even if you do a ton of research before you shop and have an idea of what vehicle you want, you still need to ask questions at the dealership. Here are a few essential queries to ask before you purchase a car:Check on maintenance plansNew cars should be trouble free for some...

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How to Make the Most of Your Tax Refund as a Homeowner.

February 13, 2024 by First Federal Bank

As the tax season approaches, many Americans eagerly anticipate receiving their tax refunds. For homeowners, a tax refund can be an excellent opportunity to put the money to good use, particularly in relation to their mortgage. Here are some smart ways to make the most of your tax refund if you have a mortgage:

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3 Great Teas and Their Benefits

February 12, 2024 by First Federal Bank

Drinking tea has long been associated with positivity, whether it’s sitting down for a cup with a close friend or having a hot mug handy to help when you’re feeling under the weather. There are so many different varieties of tea to try, many of which offer impressive benefits that make it well worth keeping the kettle on for a second sip....

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Setting Expectations For Attendance and Punctuality

February 09, 2024 by First Federal Bank

Your arrangement with your employees is built on trust. They spend their days involved in company operations and performing tasks; in return, you pay them for their time. So when your employees aren’t beginning their shift on time or are leaving early, they’re completing less work than what their wages entail. That’s why setting and enforcing...

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Common Questions About Managing Your IRA

February 07, 2024 by First Federal Bank

An individual retirement account (IRA) can be a powerful tool for investing and saving your money — especially when you manage it wisely. If you’re looking for ways to make the most of your IRA, start by reviewing these commonly asked questions.What investments can I make with an IRA?You can choose from a wide range of IRA investment options to...

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4 True Crime Podcasts to Investigate

February 05, 2024 by First Federal Bank
Podcasts covering true crimes have exploded in popularity over the past decade, resulting in tons of options for listeners around the world. If you’re looking for a new obsession, there’s no mystery about the fact that these popular podcasts have the power to captivate, shock, and horrify audiences:   “RedHanded”   Hosts Suruthi Bala and...

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