Deductions You Can Claim Without Itemizing

December 07, 2022 by First Federal Bank

Tax prep time can fray your nerves, especially when you’re trying to figure out the nuances of the tax code, gather your information and receipts, do accurate calculations, and determine how to handle your deductions. Should you itemize or not?

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6 TV Movies to Watch This Holiday Season

December 05, 2022 by First Federal Bank

If you want to get into the spirit of the holidays, consider watching any — or all — of these heart-warming TV movies. You’ll find a mix of existing films as well as upcoming movies to get excited about:

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Tips for Boosting Productivity When Working From Home

December 02, 2022 by First Federal Bank

Whether you’ve been working from home for the past two years or you just started, you might be hitting a wall when it comes to productivity. Check out these helpful tips if you’re struggling to stay focused when working remotely:

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What You Want To Know If You’re Pursuing Your Dream of Homeownership

December 01, 2022 by First Federal Bank


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First Federal Bank’s John Medina, President and CEO, to serve as North Central Florida Regional Chair for Florida Chamber of Commerce

November 30, 2022 by First Federal Bank

First Federal Bank is honored to announce that their President and CEO, John Medina, has accepted the role of North Central Florida Regional Chair of the Florida Chamber of Commerce for 2023. John has been active with the Florida Chamber for over 30 years and has served on their Board of Directors since 2010.

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Should You and Your Spouse Retire at the Same Time?

November 30, 2022 by First Federal Bank

If you and your spouse are nearing retirement age, it’s important to consider the timing. Should you both retire at the same time, or would it be better to stagger your retirements for financial reasons? If you’re not sure what the best approach would be, here are some points to discuss with your partner so you can make an informed retirement...

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Ways to Make Your Car More Pet-Friendly

November 28, 2022 by First Federal Bank

Traveling with your pet requires certain considerations, equipment, and preparation to make sure you and your furry family member have a safe and comfortable journey. Whether you are introducing your pet to the joys of the open road for the first time, or just need him to stress less on visits to the vet while protecting the integrity of your cabin

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5 Types of Small Business Insurance

November 25, 2022 by First Federal Bank

Running a business exposes you to risk, even if you have no employees. Business insurance can help protect you from many of the threats business owners commonly face. Here are some of the main types of business insurance you may come across in your research and while shopping for the perfect policy:

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How Do Electronic Checks Work?

November 23, 2022 by First Federal Bank

Digital banking can be confusing if you remember a time when the internet didn’t exist. Now, all your finances occur in the digital realm, and many of the terminologies used may sound similar. We want to help clear up that confusion by explaining what an electronic check is and how it works.

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Are Smoothies Healthy?

November 21, 2022 by First Federal Bank

From health gurus to fitness magazines, you’ve probably seen a vast and varied array of opinions surrounding the humble smoothie. Some nutritionists recommend them as an easy way to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Other experts condemn the fruit-filled drinks as a source of excess calories and sugar. Here’s a look at the pros and...

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