What to Do When Your Credit Card is Compromised

October 22, 2021 by First Federal Bank

Though you try to protect your vital information when shopping online, the risk of having your credit card information compromised is higher than ever. Even with advanced security protocols, you could find yourself a victim of credit card fraud. Fortunately, recovering from this kind of situation is a straightforward process — so long as you...

Topics: Fraud Alerts/Scams, Credit Cards

Is Your Business Properly Staffed for the Holidays?

October 20, 2021 by First Federal Bank

Seasonal or part-time hiring can help you and your employees navigate the increased workload of the holidays or other busy periods in your industry. The following tips can help you with your temporary, part-time, or seasonal hiring needs:

Topics: Small Business

5 Ways to Combat Neck Pain and Stiffness

October 18, 2021 by First Federal Bank

There’s a good reason annoying, persistent problems are colloquially called a “pain in the neck.” Neck pain can prevent you from enjoying restful sleep, limit your mobility, and keep you from participating in your favorite activities. Here’s a look at a handful of strategies available to help ease the tension:

Topics: Healthy Living

Building a War Chest

October 15, 2021 by First Federal Bank

Would your company be able to survive a major unexpected expense? Are you prepared for financial hardships or opportunities that come your way? Regardless of the size of your business, it’s important you have a war chest that’s stocked and easy to access.

Topics: Small Business, Entrepreneurship

Protecting Yourself From Ransomware

October 13, 2021 by First Federal Bank

Keeping all of your files secure and backing them up may not be something you think of on a daily basis. But with scammers and hackers diligently working to corrupt files and make a quick buck, maintaining your computer’s security is vital in today’s world. One way your information could be at risk is through ransomware.

Topics: Fraud Alerts/Scams

Choosing the Right Health Savings Account

October 11, 2021 by Chrissy Cribbs

A Health Savings Account (HSA) offers a wealth of benefits. It can help you save on taxes, aid in bolstering your retirement fund, and earn tax-free interest on your savings. Forbes contributor John Goodman claims no other savings vehicle can top an HSA. However, specific HSAs are tailored to meet distinct needs. In order to maximize your...

Topics: Financial Education, Insurance

Managing Your Credit Score

October 08, 2021 by First Federal Bank

Since your credit score is an indicator of your financial standing, it plays a large role in determining your eligibility for loans and favorable interest rates. If you’d like the opportunities that come with a higher credit score, here are some of the best practices for managing your money to boosting your score:

Topics: Financial Education, Credit Cards

Supporting Our Local Community for Hunger Action Month

October 06, 2021 by First Federal Bank

For tens of millions of people in the U.S., a daily meal isn’t as simple as deciding what to eat. According to the non-profit organization Feeding America, it is often a choice between food and other crucial needs—like medicine, electricity, or childcare.

Topics: Community

Do You Need Disability Insurance?

October 04, 2021 by First Federal Bank

You’re already paying for so many types of insurance coverage — including health, home, and automotive — so you may be hesitant to pay for yet another type of insurance that you’re not obligated to have. But just because a certain insurance coverage isn’t required doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea.

Topics: Insurance

FFB Named Newsweek's Best Small Bank in Florida for 2022

October 01, 2021 by First Federal Bank

For the second year in a row, First Federal Bank was named in Newsweek’s America’s Best Banks 2022 as the Best Small Bank in Florida.

This distinction is the result of Newsweek evaluating their annual Best Banks rankings. With the assistance of LendingTree, Newsweek assessed more than 50 different factors from thousands of FDIC-insured banks...

Topics: Resources, Company News, Technology, COVID-19, Community

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