5 Unique and Thoughtful Wedding Gifts

May 15, 2023 by First Federal Bank

weddingIf a soon-to-be-married couple has a wedding registry, buying them a gift should be an easy task. But what if you’d like to give them something more personal and memorable — or there’s no registry to choose from? Here are some ideas for unique and thoughtful wedding gifts that will make the couple’s special day even better:


In most cases, cash is a fully acceptable and welcome gift for modern weddings. Instead of just writing a check or placing cash in an envelope, though, consider using a bit of creativity. Brides magazine suggests including a card with a personal message, dividing the cash into gifts that can be opened at specific milestones, or even transferring stocks and bonds to the couple instead of plain cash.

Experiential gifts

You can encourage togetherness and fond memories by giving the gift of a great experience. According to The Cut, this could be anything from a cooking class or at-home meal kits to a scavenger hunt or an Airbnb gift card— but the basic idea of an experiential gift is that it’s something the couple can experience together rather than simply possess. An especially good example of this is a gift that revolves around date night ideas, like a monthly subscription box, envelopes to open each week, or a book of prompts.

Kitchen and household items

If the couple you’re buying for is just beginning their life together, consider buying them a few carefully selected kitchen or household items. Top-of-the-line knives, cookware, and kitchen appliances (like an air fryer or an espresso machine) are gifts that can last for many years. You may also want to consider high-quality sheets, bath towels, or other linens.

Personalized art or decor

A gift of personalized art or decor can be an excellent choice, especially if you know the couple well and are in a position to understand what would be most meaningful to them. Depending on the couple, you could consider options like a photo or portrait, a unique print, a personalized doormat, or holiday ornaments. You could also select a gift that commemorates their special day: a framed wedding invitation, an album of special photos taken by guests during the wedding and reception, a star map of the sky on their wedding date, or a photo or painting of the wedding venue.  


There’s a subscription for just about everything these days, and you’re sure to find an option your soon-to-be-married friends or loved ones can enjoy together. For couples who love good food and drink, you may want to explore monthly subscriptions for wine, coffee, tea, charcuterie, desserts, and more. Couples who enjoy cooking together might like a weekly meal subscription box. You can also find subscription boxes for gaming, crafting, gardening, and just about anything else you can think of. You could even gift a monthly subscription to the couple’s favorite movie or music streaming service.

With a bit of careful thought and savvy shopping, you can show up to the wedding with a gift that will help the happy couple feel loved, valued, and understood as they embark on a lifetime together.

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