Ways to Make Your Car More Pet-Friendly

November 28, 2022 by First Federal Bank

pet-1Traveling with your pet requires certain considerations, equipment, and preparation to make sure you and your furry family member have a safe and comfortable journey. Whether you are introducing your pet to the joys of the open road for the first time, or just need him to stress less on visits to the vet while protecting the integrity of your cabin, check out the following suggestions and products:


Focus on hydration


When you are grabbing your water bottle for yourself and your crew for the road, grab a tumbler for your pet. Hydration is important for everyone, especially creatures who are easily worried, overheated, or car sick. “Dogs need about an ounce of water every day per pound of body weight, and if they’re agitated and panting that amount only goes up,” according to Tim Stevens, writer for CNET.com.


Lock the doors and windows


When your pet is secure in the rear seat but next to the door, they may be in close proximity to a dangerous situation. Their snout or paws could accidentally hit the window controls, which along with a blast of fresh air it could also bring in debris or cause injury to your pup, warns WagWalking.com. You also do not want them to inadvertently lock, unlock, or open the doors so keep those controls locked.


Secure your pet’s space


Just like your human passengers, your pet needs a safe and secure spot to travel. You wouldn’t let your child ride in your car without being buckled into a car seat or without having their seat belt fastened. Same goes for your pet! They should never be allowed to roam freely through the cabin. Instead, they should be safely housed in their carrier or crate, or positioned on a seat with a seat belt or appropriate restraint. Not only can an unrestrained pet get hurt during the drive, but they can also distract you while driving.


“The safest way for your dog to travel in the car is in a crate that has been anchored to the vehicle using a seat belt or other secure means,” according to The Humane Society of the United States.


Touches of home


If riding in the car stresses out your pup, you can ease their anxiety by taking along their favorite toys, their beloved blanket, or even a new surprise. Any item that brings them comfort at home can bring them comfort when they are on the move. At the very least, offer a distraction to focus their attention.

“You need to bring as many of these along as you can without compromising the genius of your packing skills. A good chew toy can keep a dog occupied for hours at a time. Many chew toys come with hollowed out centers. Stuff some treats inside it and watch as your lovable mutt spends the next two hours trying to get to the good stuff,” advises Charles W. Bryant, writer for HowStuffWorks.com.


You will make the most of your journeys with your pet when you focus on their safety, comfort, health, and enjoyment.

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