Unique Options for Your Next Board Game Night

March 18, 2024 by First Federal Bank

board gamesIf you’re trying to spice things up for your next board game night, consider any of these unique options;


If you’re great at being persuasive, Blabbi is for you. The whole purpose of the game is to make up words and convince others to believe they could be real. It all starts with letter tiles you’ll grab randomly along with a topic card. Based on what you’ve got, you’ll make up a new word with your tiles as well as a definition to go with it. Once you’ve laid your tiles, you’ll explain the word and the other players will use their “Yes” or “No” voting cards to say if they’ve been convinced. If the majority of players votes “Yes,” you’ll get to keep the topic card. Each topic card has a variety of points, between 100-300 based on difficulty. As the game progresses, you’ll continue to lay tiles in front of you similar to a Scrabble board, connecting with other letters when possible. The game ends when all of the tiles are used and the highest score wins.


Trivia buffs will enjoy a new take on knowledge mastery with Hexaquest. The game consists of hexagonal tiles, hence the name, with point values on one side and images that represent trivia categories on the other side. The tiles are placed randomly in a giant connecting shape, with a mix of the sides facing up. To start, a player takes a tile from the outer part of the setup and answers a question based on the category. What gives this game a twist is that players can choose to go with a point value and know the difficulty or opt for a category that they’re confident with, without knowing how difficult the question will be. You can also double down or triple down during your turn to try and get more points. But if you get a question wrong, you lose all of the tiles you got during that turn. The game is over once all of the tiles on the playing area have been claimed and the player with the most points wins.

That Sound Game

Are you a fan of charades? That Sound Game is similar, but it takes things in a different direction by utilizing sounds. The game consists of five categories of cards: Object, Nature, The P’s (people, places, and personas), Action, and Incident. Each card has a specific point value on it based on its difficulty. Your goal is to get others on your team to guess what is on your card by making sounds. The rules? You can’t say any words except for onomatopoeias (words that imitate a sound) and you can’t use your hands. You must keep your hands behind your back unless someone on your team uses the “Uncuff me” lifeline card. You can, however, use the rest of your body to assist with the sounds you’re making. If a player on the other team knows what sound you’re making, they can play a “Steal” card to take a guess and get the points. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Any of these inventive games should do the trick to add some variety to your next board game night. If you’ve got it in the budget, try adding more than one or search for more options that could work for you and your friends!

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