4 True Crime Podcasts to Investigate

February 05, 2024 by First Federal Bank
crimePodcasts covering true crimes have exploded in popularity over the past decade, resulting in tons of options for listeners around the world. If you’re looking for a new obsession, there’s no mystery about the fact that these popular podcasts have the power to captivate, shock, and horrify audiences:
Hosts Suruthi Bala and Hannah Maguire have been at the helm of, “RedHanded” since 2017, but it’s come on particularly strong in recent years, winning major accolades including two consecutive Listener’s Choice Awards at the British Podcast Awards. This charming duo has covered hundreds of tales ranging from murders to disappearances to cults, and it’s grown a considerable fanbase with a unique name. If you want a quick and easy entry into, “RedHanded,” the podcast now records shorter episodes — dubbed, “ShortHand” — on topics including cursed films, rabies, and Britney Spears.


Amanda Riley received more than $100,000 from readers of her blog and other donors to help in her fight against Hodgkin lymphoma. The only problem? She didn’t have cancer. In “Scamanda,” journalist Charlie Webster untangles the twisted web that began on social media in 2012 and effectively ended in a federal court in 2021. The podcast proved to be a smash hit following its release this past May, hooking listeners with eight episodes that get progressively stranger and wilder.
True-crime podcasts have become an industry the last several years, and it all started with, “Serial.” From the release of the first episode in October 2014 through to today, “Serial” is incredibly popular among podcast listeners with downloads numbering in the hundreds of millions. While there have been three seasons of the show to date — with a fourth seemingly in the works — the most recent episode is a 2022 update to the first. That case — concerning the murder of Hae Min Lee and conviction of Adnan Syed — continues to play out in courtrooms in 2023, making it a matter of continued interest.
“Snapped: Women Who Murder”
“Snapped” is a popular true-crime docuseries spotlighting the stories of women who have committed murder. While the show is still going strong in its 32nd season, Oxygen now offers full episodes of the show in a podcast format. “Snapped: Women Who Murder” features original audio from popular episodes of the show, which makes for convenient listening throughout the workday or at the gym. The podcast also includes bonus episodes from other Oxygen true-crime shows as well as, “Notorious” episodes, focusing on well-known criminals such as Ted Bundy and Scott Peterson.
You won’t be short of options if you’re seeking out true-crime podcasts. These popular picks are just some of the hundreds if not thousands of shows available to stream or download through your favorite podcast app. And you can bet that there will only be more where these came from.

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