3 Tips for Taking Care of Your Knees

April 10, 2023 by First Federal Bank

kneesYour knees help keep you moving in the right direction, but when they are sore, injured, or achy, walking, running, jumping, or even just moving can be nearly impossible. Pushing through the pain will not serve you in the long run. If your knees are already troubling you or you want to take action before they do, incorporate these tips into your routine:

Add variety to your routine

Mastering certain moves can get you closer to your health goals, but too much repetition can sandbag long-term benefits. Instead, incorporate different exercises, moves, or skills into your exercise plan to help decrease the risk of knee injury that comes with repetitive motion, according to Paul Frysh of WebMD.com.

“For example, you might jog on Monday, lift weights on Tuesday, garden on Wednesday, and play with the kids on the weekends. Or you could try something off the beaten path: Yoga combines strength, flexibility, and balance training, and adds meditation that’s good for mental health,” he adds.

Focus on diet and the scale

A nutritious diet that helps keep your weight in check or contributes to weight loss is also an important step in safeguarding your knee joints.

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can benefit your entire body, but if you want to focus on strong bones, be sure to increase your calcium intake.

“There are plenty of sources besides milk, including yogurt, broccoli, kale, figs, salmon and calcium supplements,” according to Arthritis.org.

Healthy food choices will help you maintain a healthy weight, too, which is another key component in taking care of your knees.

“Fat cells in your body release chemicals that can lead to inflammation, which is hard on your joints and linked to osteoarthritis. Less fat could mean less inflammation,” according to Frysh. “Losing even a small amount can help. Keep the weight off, and you’re much less likely to get arthritis later in life.”

Focus on movement

Focusing on a healthy lifestyle that includes daily activity, exercise, and movement can help protect your knees. Not just any gym routine will do, though, and even if you focus on the, “right” exercises but fall back on wrong technique, you are setting yourself up for potential injury, warns Rachael Zimlich, BSN, RN, and writer for VeryWellHealth.com.

“Low-impact activities that can keep you healthy without straining your knees include: cycling, elliptical machines, hiking, Pilates, Tai chi, water exercises, and yoga,” according to Zimlich.

You’ll also want to incorporate strength training into your routine with moves focused on building your core strength and muscles in your hips, calves, thighs, and upper legs, she adds. For tips on the best and safest way to move, Zimlich suggests seeking advice from a physical therapist.

Don’t let your knees suffer now or in the future! With a healthy diet rich in bone-boosting minerals and a commitment to movement to get your heart pumping and your muscles engaged, you can keep your knees feeling strong and free from injury.

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