Unique Gadgets to Upgrade Your Kitchen

January 13, 2021 by First Federal Bank

KitchenSpend less time in the kitchen and maximize the fun of whipping up new recipes when you invest in these nine cool gadgets:

Immersion blender

If you ever need to mix hot soups or purees but don’t feel like pouring it into a blender and risk getting burned, invest in an immersion blender. This nifty tool is like a blender, but more compact and hand-held. You can make everything from frothed cream to pesto, to salad dressing and hummus with it, according to The Kitchn contributor Kelli Foster.

Self-leveling measuring cups

Love to bake but hate to waste precious minutes making sure cups of flour are flattened on the top? Get some self-leveling measuring cups that do the work for you, as CNET suggests.

Silicone muffin tins

While metal muffin pans are popular, they have the disadvantages of having to grease them and wait until the muffins are cool before removing them from the pan. Upgrade to silicone muffin tins to skip the grease and pop them out soon as they’re ready.

Electric wine opener

If you often use wine for sauce recipes (or simply like to sip some when you’re making dinner), an electric wine opener will make your life a bit easier. CNET recommends this useful gadget that will have you saying goodbye to finagling with awkward butterfly corkscrews, and prying stubborn corks out by sheer force.

Countertop compost bin

Make composting kitchen waste a bit more convenient with a compact container. Thanks to its innovative ventilated design, it allows for enough air circulation on the inside to keep stinky smells from taking over your kitchen.

Cold press juicer

Infuse more vitamins and minerals into your diet with a cold press juicer. It’s a more affordable alternative to buying pre-made mixed juices in the health section of the grocery store.

Vacuum sealer

A vacuum sealer is another worthwhile investment for any kitchen, as Common Sense Home blogger Laurie Neverman articulates. She states this gadget can extend a food’s shelf life for years, instead of months. So it will last longer, whether you’re storing it in the pantry, the fridge, or the freezer.

Herb picker

Save time when stripping kale or parsley leaves off the stem with an herb picker. Reviewed.com’s Rachel Moskowitz shares with USA Today. This hand-held tool has different-sized holes to accommodate stems of all sizes, so you can enjoy that green smoothie, guacamole, or tabbouleh a bit faster.

Foldable cutting board

Make getting chopped veggies on the floor a thing of the past when you buy a foldable cutting board for your kitchen, as Business Insider’s Remi Rosmarin suggests. It lays flat during the slicing process, then the sides fold up so you can use the handle to shovel food into a hot pan or pot.

Add one or more of these unique tools to your kitchen’s arsenal to spare yourself time and stress the next time you cultivate your culinary skills.

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