The Best Plants to Help Keep Pests Away

April 02, 2021 by First Federal Bank

PlantsWarmer weather has returned, which means more time spent enjoying the great outdoors. Unfortunately, relaxing in nature often brings with it the annoyance of pests like insects, rodents, and even parasites. These pesky critters can ruin the nicest backyard or garden, and can potentially pose a threat to children or pets. Fortunately, there’s an easy and aesthetically pleasing solution to this problem: plants. There are a number of herbs, grasses, and flowers that have been proven to deter pests and keep the areas around them safe for relaxation and play:


In addition to being easy on the eyes, marigolds are fantastic at repelling a number of garden pests. These flowers produce a strong scent that will make your garden smell great, while keeping insects like mosquitoes far away from you and your loved ones. Marigolds also deter harmful insects like plant lice and aphids, and will help keep larger animals like mice and rabbits at bay. When given the proper amount of sunlight and water, marigolds will continue to flower every spring whether you plant them in your garden or in a planter.


Many families are well acquainted with the insect-repelling powers of citronella, thanks to its use in outdoor candles and oils. But this amazing grass is just as effective in its natural form. Planting citronella or keeping bits of it potted around your garden will protect you from mosquitoes on summer nights. Even better, keeping a small amount planted near your windows will deter bugs from trying to fly into your home. Adding citronella to your garden offers a great alternative to candles and bug spray.


Long a staple of both cooking and scented candles, keeping a bit of potted mint both in and outside your home is another great way to keep mosquitoes away. While humans may find the smell of mint both calming and pleasing, many insects are naturally repelled by the scent. However, if you plan on using mint to clear your patio of mosquitoes, make sure you’re planting it in pots or vases. Due to its quick growth rate, mint can rapidly overtake the other plants in your garden and become a pest in its own right.


If your garden and backyard are overrun by annoying flies and other bugs, planting a bit of rosemary is a great solution. Like with most garden flowers, rosemary produces a strong scent that pleases humans and repels insects. Rosemary is also a tough plant that can survive both in the ground and in pots, as well as in dry climates. It’s a great option for gardeners looking to add flowering bushes to their property.


When it comes to repelling pests, chrysanthemums might just be the best plant you could add to your garden. In fact, chrysanthemums are so good at deterring and killing insects, they are commonly used as an ingredient in commercial insecticide. These flowers are known to repel ticks, fleas, lice, beetles, roaches, mites, ants, bed bugs, silverfish, and more. Plus, they’re also an attractive addition to a flower bed, and can grow in a variety of conditions.

By using the natural repelling powers of these plants, your garden and backyard will be free of pests in no time.

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