How to Maximize Storage in a Small Apartment or Home

November 10, 2023 by First Federal Bank

homeWhen you live in a small apartment or small house, storage space isn’t always easy to come by — and that means it’s important to make the most of every square foot. These tips will help you effectively organize, store, and display your belongings while ensuring that you still have plenty of room to live your life:
Take advantage of vertical space
When square footage is lacking, using all your available wall space can make a major difference. A pegboard with hooks can hold pots and pans in the kitchen, and a magnetic strip can hold utensils or knives. A rack can hold clothing in the bedroom or towels and toiletries in the bathroom. Floating shelves with hooks underneath can do double duty in any room. Door space can also be quite functional, especially with the help of an over-the-door rack that can corral shoes or coats. And don’t overlook unexpected storage spots like window sills and the tops of cabinets.
Get creative with closets
A closet is valuable real estate in a small home — so be sure to use as much of its space as you can. To more fully utilize your closet, install rods so you can hang clothes in two tiers instead of one, add racks or shelves, and stack see-through storage boxes on the floor. And what if you don’t have any closets? Curtain off one end or corner of a room and install a closet rod and shelving behind it.
Use organizers for cabinets
If your small apartment or home has cabinets or a pantry, organizers will help you put those spaces to use more efficiently. Risers are particularly useful for maximizing shelf space for food items in your pantry. Dividers can be helpful for storing lids, pots, and pans. Lazy Susans come in handy, too, especially with deeper cabinets.
Select multipurpose furniture items
The more a piece of furniture can do, the more it justifies the space it occupies in a small home. A coffee table with storage space inside, a nightstand or end table with built-in shelves, a chest with a cushion to sit on, a desk you can clear off and use as a dinner table — think of ways that furniture items you buy could serve multiple purposes.
Make space under the bed
Your bed could be hiding a great deal of useful space. Try lifting it up on risers so you can slide storage bins, boxes, or trays underneath it. If you’re in the market for a new bed, consider buying one with a frame that incorporates built-in shelves or storage drawers. In some living spaces, you might even be able to loft your bed and place a desk, a dresser, or other items underneath.
Collect clutter in baskets and trays
In a small home, it’s easy for stray items to accumulate atop tables, desks, and shelves. Instead of letting your stuff take over valuable surface area, try strategically placing small baskets and trays in heavily trafficked rooms. These receptacles can temporarily hold the day’s clutter, and they’re also easy to move and clean out.
With a bit of creativity and flexibility, you can transform your modestly sized home into a space that’s comfortable, uncluttered, and arranged to neatly accommodate the belongings that matter most to you.

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