How to Create a Home Gym on a Budget

October 28, 2020 by First Federal Bank

GymHave you missed going to the gym these last few months? If you’re on the verge of creating your own home gym but want to keep things budget-friendly, consider these tips before splurging on unnecessary equipment or additional expenses:

Choose the space

You’ll need the space to create a home gym. This could be a garage, attic, or a spare room. The key is that you’ll want to be sure you have enough room to do the exercises you enjoy. Another thing you’ll want to consider is checking to see if it’s reasonable to exercise in that environment. See how hot it gets in a garage in the summer to assess whether or not you’re willing to put yourself through that when pumping iron. If you’re going with the spare room route, opt for the lower level of your home, if possible, to avoid the stomping sounds of you doing burpees or jumping jacks. If you live in an upstairs apartment, you may want to avoid exercises like that if you want your neighbors to like you.

Determine your workout

You don’t want to go online and buy a bunch of cool-looking equipment you don’t need; that’s just silly and financially irresponsible. Plan out your workouts by writing them down on paper or inputting them into an exercise app. This will help you visualize the equipment that you will need when working out. Once you’ve got your workout planned, you can start creating a list of equipment.

Search for multi-use equipment

If you plan on doing a ton of curls or other arm workouts, consider buying adjustable dumbbells. This will save you from buying a large assortment of weights, and will free up some space in your home gym. The up-front cost may seem daunting, but if you continue to strengthen your arms, you’ll eventually need heavier weights, and that will end up costing more in the long run. Other options for multi-use equipment includes weighted medicine balls, foam rollers, and resistance bands.

Don’t be afraid to buy used

It may sound gross at first, especially when you consider how much you sweat when working out, but buying used equipment could save you a ton of money. Head to various marketplace sites to search for people selling items you could use. If they can send the items through the mail, the better. But if you do end up meeting in-person, be sure to social distance. Sanitize everything, including yourself, as soon as you get home to ensure you didn’t transfer any unwanted germs into your home.

Setting up a home gym doesn’t need to involve a construction crew. Once you’ve got your space set up, don’t forget to add some inspiring décor, and get a good speaker to play your pump-up jams.

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