3 Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas

April 29, 2022 by First Federal Bank

Mothers DayThis Mother’s Day, if you’re looking for something as unique as your mom, consider these gift suggestions to brighten her day:

Be sweet and sentimental

Writing in words how much you love and appreciate your mom will make her heart go aflutter. You can express your thoughts in a card, note, or letter. The “What I Love About You by Me Journal” has prompts so you can outline everything you love about your mom, according to Amanda Garrity, writer for GoodHousekeeping.com.

Perhaps you and your mom share a special song, like a lullaby she used to hum to you at bedtime. A music box with that melody is sure to bring happy tears to her eyes. You can also buy a ready-made music box, like the one Garrity suggests that plays “You Are My Sunshine” available on Amazon. “She brings sunshine to your life — all day, every day. When she cranks the handle on this tiny wooden music box, she’ll be reminded of exactly that,” she adds.

Feed her soul

If your mom loves to cook or bake, there is no end to the useful kitchen tools and equipment you can surprise her with. It could be as simple as new measuring spoons or as dramatic as a top-of-the-line mixer. Special ingredients like unusual spices or high-end food products she wouldn’t ever buy herself would make an incredible addition to her favorite recipes. You can surprise her with a new cookbook, buy the ingredients for a specific recipe, and work your magic together in the kitchen. If you want to treat your mom to a culinary gift, but you also want to give her the night off from cleaning her own kitchen, enroll her in a cooking class. A class can introduce her to new flavors and techniques, and she’ll love the experience even more if you don an apron alongside her.

“The trick with kitchen and cooking gifts is to carefully walk the line between practical and fun. The gift should be something she might not splurge on for herself, or one that will dramatically improve her life,” advises Tanya Edwards, writer for CNN.com.

Support her hobbies

Think about what your mom loves to do. How does she spend her time? If she loves to read, consider enrolling her in a book-of-the-month club, surprising her with a book from her favorite author, or introducing her to a new, highly acclaimed series. Does she have a green thumb? Then head to the gardening supply store for items that can support her love of nature. Whether it’s new tools, a plant, a beautiful pot, or an elegant watering can, she’ll love that you bought something she can use to cultivate her garden.

Does your mom love to craft? You can support her creative pursuits with crafting supplies. If she’s always wanted to expand her skills, sign her up for an art class. “The best gifts for Mom are the ones that’ll make her feel seen and understood,” says Jake Smith, writer for Prevention.com. “You don’t even need to drop a ton of cash — presents as simple as a pair of sneakers if she loves walking, a journal to help her de-stress, or a puzzle you can do together can show her just how much you care.”

Celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day with a gift that comes from your heart and celebrates the unique person she is.


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