Signs An Employee is Preparing to Leave

July 21, 2021 by First Federal Bank

EmployeeYou’ve put a lot of work into making sure you have the right team for your business. However, your employees might leave to pursue better opportunities or move to new places. Here are some signs an employee might be ready to quit, so you can be prepared:

They look different

This sign is very tricky, as it refers to both extremes. Jack Kelly, a senior contributor at Forbes, says to watch out if your employee’s style gets either a major upgrade or starts to slide. If your employees start to show up to your office dressed better than the standard dress code, or seems to be wearing more new clothes, it’s possible that they’re putting in the effort to be ready for a job interview. On the other hand, a staff member suddenly showing up to your facility looking rumpled and unkempt could also be on the way out. This might be less because they’re applying elsewhere and more about feeling unmotivated or discouraged.

They refuse projects

When you have a staff member who hopes to put in their notice, it’s difficult for them to look too far into a future at your office. That means they might hesitate to get involved in any assignments or projects that are more long-term, according to John Rampton of Inc. By disconnecting themselves early from your company’s organization, it makes leaving easier for both of you.

They are on their phone

Applying for jobs and coordinating interviews means a lot of phone calls and emails that can’t be handled at your employee’s desk. This means that you might notice them out and about on their cell phone more than usual, says Emily Douglas of HRM America. They could also be more distracted in meetings or during other interactions because they’re paying attention to their phone at the same time.

They are absent

Job interviews take time during a work day, which could lead to your staff member using more vacation time or other leave options than they usually do. John Rampton also suggests they might be taking advantage of these hours allotted to them before they put in their notice. A note of caution, though: While using more leave might be suspicious, keep in mind that some of your employees might be taking more time off now because it is safer to travel than it was last year. In a Harvard Business Review article, Timothy M. Gardner and Peter W. Hom claim an employee routinely leaving early might be a better indicator that your staffer is about to resign.

They are not leaving at all

A lot of these signs could certainly point out that someone you trust in your company is ready to abandon ship. However, Emily Douglas cautions you should look deeper before you make any assumptions, as many of these are also symptoms of employee burnout. No matter what these signs are pointing to, it’s worth pulling your valued employees in for coaching when you notice them. Your efforts could help an exhausted staffer and save you from hunting for a new associate.

Your company relies on you and your staff to operate, so it’s important you notice the signs that someone might leave your group. Consider reaching out to a human resources advisor for more guidance.

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