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June 08, 2020 by First Federal Bank

Business-NewslettersWant to improve the success of your business? Start by learning from other business owners and market experts. By subscribing to communications from these companies and news outlets, your email inbox will be loaded with tools to give your company a leg up.

The Hustle

Many business experts recommend subscribing to The Hustle digital newsletter. It delivers quick, essential coverage of major business market news to your inbox every morning.

“The briefing conveys what you need to know for the day in clear, relatable and often hilarious prose,” shares Brittney Laryea of Magnify Money. “On weekdays, The Hustle is packed with information about and analysis of three to five business-related topics you can bring up at the watercooler, and it ends with a Spotify link to the song of the day.”

If you want a newsletter to catch up on the market’s occurrences every day, sign up for The Hustle.

Robinhood Snacks

Another excellent newsletter than delivers financial updates and stories in an enjoyable, comprehensible manner, Robinhood Snacks delivers a daily selection of interesting and notable insights.

Anum Hussain of Buffer raves, “Their content helps me stay constantly on top of financial business news in a non-boring, non-dry, and super simple way.” Constant humor and wit provide a sharp, memorable look into the market, standing apart from the many bland business newsletters out there.


Learn from the most influential women in business by reading about them in the Broadsheet newsletter. Produced by Fortune, this email is a collection of stories and articles pertaining to women in the business world.

“A daily newsletter curated by Kristen Bellstrom and for a ‘broad’ audience (because women’s issues are not just women’s issues), The Broadsheet is for readers who want to read stories about all the incredible women who are shattering glass ceilings around the globe,” shares Kayti Christian of The Good Trade.


A successful business strategy depends on effective marketing, and Moz is where to go for the latest SEO advice. Packed with tips and trends, the Moz newsletter is a must for keeping your company in the know.

“What’s interesting about Moz’s approach is that they don’t necessarily push their own content,” explains Jeff Keleher of Brafton, “but feature external articles they think their audience will find interesting, informative and valuable.”

Every issue includes a rundown of recommendations and tutorials to hone your company’s marketing efforts.


Although it’s an unpleasant aspect of business operations, taxes are a fundamental component of your company’s financial situation. For those who aren’t tax experts, the TaxBuzz blog distributes specific, actionable advice for small and medium businesses.

Many companies rely on TaxBuzz to provide important tax information, such as Mark Foreman the CPA of Foreman & Airhart, LTD. In a Forbes article, he lauded, “From tax reform to best practices for cash flow and expert interviews, TaxBuzz has enabled us to pass on this advice to our clients.”

Stay connected with the market and the world by bringing information right to your doorstep every morning. It’s a great way to continually build your own knowledge and expertise.

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