Home Equity Line of Credit vs. Home Equity Loan

September 13, 2021 by First Federal Bank

Are you planning a home renovation? Do you need to consolidate debt? If so, you might consider opening a home equity line of credit (HELOC) or applying for a home equity loan. They both use your home as collateral and can help you achieve your home or financial goals.

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Creating a Home Maintenance Schedule

June 25, 2021 by First Federal Bank

Just like your car or your own body, your house needs regular care to keep its condition in top shape. To help you make this a habit, here’s a helpful summary of the most common maintenance tasks every house requires. Use this guide to make a checklist for your own house’s particular needs.

Topics: Home Owners, Home Improvements

Get the Most Out Of Small Spaces

March 20, 2021 by First Federal Bank

When you are dealing with a limited amount of square footage, whether it is a living room, bedroom, or studio apartment, you want it to feel as open, airy and spacious as possible. With the following design tips, you’ll be able to take advantage of every inch and make a small space feel much larger than it is.

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What Windows are Right for Your Home?

February 10, 2021 by First Federal Bank

When choosing windows for your home, it’s important to research all of the different types and their associated benefits. Though all windows serve a few common functions, such as letting in light while keeping out rain and wind, they also vary in many ways. For example, some do a better job ventilating your home while others may simply fit a...

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4 Household Appliances You Should Be Cleaning Regularly

February 03, 2021 by First Federal Bank

While cleaning your household appliances may not be the first task you put on your chores list, it’s just as important as vacuuming and mopping your home. The next time you clean your home, extend your efforts to the following appliances:

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Save On Insurance with Smart Home Discounts

January 22, 2021 by First Federal Bank

Having a connected home offers a broad range of benefits that include unparalleled convenience, increased efficiency, and superior security. On top of all this, upgrading your home with smart devices can also have the benefit of earning discounts on your homeowners or renters insurance.

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Unique Gadgets to Upgrade Your Kitchen

January 13, 2021 by First Federal Bank

Spend less time in the kitchen and maximize the fun of whipping up new recipes when you invest in these nine cool gadgets:

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One-Time Close Construction Loans vs. Multiple Loans

January 04, 2021 by First Federal Bank

In many cases, home improvement is better than moving to another house. Building a larger garage, expanding a wing of your home or erecting an additional bathroom could be a much easier and more cost-effective way of adjusting your current home to fit your needs. A construction loan is the best way to pay for these renovations, and you have...

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Holiday Decor Ideas for Small Spaces

December 07, 2020 by First Federal Bank

For many people, winter is all about the holidays: Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Kwanzaa, and others. Nothing gets you in the mood for celebrating and enjoying the season faster than fun decorations, so here are a few ideas you can use to turn a small space into a winter wonderland:

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Real Estate Trends You Need to Know

November 18, 2020 by First Federal Bank

The real estate market is an ever-evolving entity, subject to buyers’ wants, sellers’ needs, and the state of the economy. These influences can make selling or buying a home exceptionally complicated. That is why you need some insider information. When you are shopping for a new home or getting ready to put your home on the market, remember the...

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